(Second) Best of Small Tech

Small Times, the US-based trade magazine for mico- and nano-technology, announced its annual Best of Small Tech awards yesterday. I was delighted to find that I was a runner-up in the Advocate category. Since the winner in this category was Fred Kavli, whose Kavli Foundation has endowed a number of chairs and insitutions in nanoscience, and has established a $1 million biennial prize for nanoscience, I can’t feel too hard done by for missing the top slot.

I was pleased to see a few other British names in there, too. Kevin Matthews, CEO of the nanomaterials company Oxonica, won the business leader award, and Peter Dobson, an Oxford University professor who originally spun out Oxonica, won the innovator award. David Fyfe, CEO of the Cambridge University spin-out Cambridge Display Technology, was a runner-up in the business leader category.