From the poem “They” by R.S. Thomas:

The new explorers don’t go
anywhere and what they discover
we can’t see. But they change our lives.

They interpret absence
as presence, measuring it by the movement
of its neighbours. Their world is

an immense place: deep down is as distant
as far out, but arrived at
in no time. These are the new

linguists, exchanging across closed
borders the currency of their symbols….

All the best for the New Year to all my readers.

4 thoughts on “They”

  1. Happy New Year!

    Should I assume that being Richard Jones is a sign of a Welsh connnect?

    Anyway Thanks for a new poet to add to my list.


  2. R.S. Thomas is a great, though somewhat gloomy, poet. This is actually quite a surprising sentiment to come from him, even more surprising if you read the last stanza that I omitted. You’re right to assume that I’m Welsh.

  3. Richard, I lost the thread where I mentioned UHV volumes might be cheaper in the future. I brought it up, but could you mention I timeframe when you wanted to know when I thought UHV volumes might come down in price?

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