More about Nanotechnology

Here are a few resources about nanotechnology. This is a very small and partial selection, of course, but I will add to it as useful material comes to my attention.

An introduction to nanotechnology

For a brief but very balanced introduction to nanotechnology and the issues it raises, this leaflet from the Wellcome Trust does an excellent job:
The big picture on nanoscience (links to a 1 MB PDF leaflet and other resources).

A brief introduction and links to a number of interesting articles and videos, from the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Project for Emerging Nanotechnologies:
Nanotechnology 101.

Social and economic issues surrounding nanotechnology

An early summary of potential issues surrounding nanotechnology:
The Social and Economic Challenges of Nanotechnology (PDF) a 2003 report by Stephen Wood, Alison Geldart and myself.

A very influential report commissioned by the UK government from the UK’s National Academies of Science and Engineering:
Nanoscience and nanotechnologies: opportunities and uncertainties

an update of the 2003 ESRC report for 2007, again by Stephen Wood, Alison Geldart and myself:
Nanotechnology: from the science to the social.
A short briefing document based on this report:
A briefing on the nanotechnology debate

Images and videos:

A library of images, and some short videos on various aspects of nanotechnology, all available for download:
Nanotechnology image library