Soft Machines: nanotechnology and life


Soft Machines: nanotechnology and life

by Richard A.L. Jones

Soft Machines was published in the UK by Oxford University Press on August 26th 2004.

The publication date in the USA was October 31 2004. Use the link at the bottom of the page to buy from

"We mentioned Soft Machines by Richard Jones last week . Having had the chance to delve a little deeper into our copy, we find it refreshing to see a book about nanotechnology that is a) readable, b) covers all the issues, c) understandable to the layman and d) written by someone who knows what they are talking about. We can’t think of another example that punches all of these buttons. "

Tim Harper, TNTlog

"This is a fascinating book on a fascinating subject "

Popular Science

"One of the best science and technology texts I have ever read, this book is a tribute to the fertility of disciplinary intercourse among solid-state physics, chemistry and biology."

George Gilder, Gilder Technology Report

"By the end of the book, Jones's vivid descriptions and diverse examples have made me a believer."

David Goodsell, American Scientist