Soft Machines at the Foresight Conference

The newly relaunched Foresight Institute – now officially the Foresight Nanotech Institute, with a mission of “Advancing Beneficial Nanotechnology” – holds its annual conference from October 22 to 27th in San Francisco. I was very pleased to get an invitation to talk in the first part of the meeting – the Vision Weekend. I’ll be taking the opportunity to set out some of my more speculative thoughts about how we might learn lessons from nature to make a radical nanotechnology based on some of the design principles used by cell biology.

1 thought on “Soft Machines at the Foresight Conference”

  1. I have the impression that the new FI is a little less oriented towards “radical” (i.e. Drexlerian) nanotech and is trying to get on the bandwagon for “incremental” and near-term nanotech. I’m not sure they’re quite ready to endorse nano-pants but still they seem to be accepting some of the modern day work as legitimate nanotech even though it is not Drexlerian.

    For example talks approvingly about companies making nanotech based solar cells today, like Konarka, Nanosolar, and Nanosys. I’m not up on the details of their technology but I assume no nanobots or utility fog are involved.

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