Under attack

Soft Machines is currently the victim of what amounts to a denial of service attack. This post is by way of warning that the site may need to be taken down (temporarily, I hope) later today if it can’t be sorted out.

Update 20 August. There’s been a bit of improvement, following various measures. Data transfer (normally 20-30 MB a day) is back to about 50 MB a day, from a high of 500 MB a day. I’ve made my peace with the web hosting company. But I do need to move the site onto a different server, which is proving to be a bit of a pain, and means that I’m needing to find out more about mySQL than I really want to know.

22 August. The site is now on the new server. I hope most things have transferred ok; please let me know if you find any glitches. The last four comments – from Kurt, Howard Salis, and replies from me to each – aren’t registered in the “Recent Comments” sidebar, but can be found in the appropriate posts, “commercialising synthetic biology” and “cheap designer genes”.