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For no particular reason other than it is a really nice image, here’s a picture from the Sheffield Polymer Physics Group. It’s an AFM image of a thin film of a block copolymer – a molecule with a long section that can crystallise (poly ethylene oxide), attached to a shorter length of a non-crystallisable material (poly vinyl pyridine). What you can see is a crystal growing from a screw dislocation. The steps have a thickness of a single molecule folded up a few times.

AFM image of a block copolymer growing from a screw dislocation

Image width 20 microns. Image by Dr Cvetelin Vaslilev, image post-treatment by Andy Eccleston.

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  1. Good image. The crusts represent? the structure behoves that the formation tip in in one direction and has gravity settles it like that or any other force?

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