For Spanish speaking readers

A couple of weeks ago, Spanish television broadcast an extended interview with me by the academic, writer, and broadcaster Eduardo Punset (bio in English here). This is the interview I gave on my visit to Sevilla a few months ago. A full transcript of the interview, in Spanish, is now available on the web-site of Radio Televisión Española.

1 thought on “For Spanish speaking readers”

  1. Well, I finally had the chance to have a look at this interview you already told me about. I think it´s a fantastic interview, even when whoever that has been responsible to translate it into Spanish hadn´t done a very good job (it´s just full of English structures that should be easy to translate into Spanish, but I´m not the one to judge the people employed by the TVE to do a translation job). It´s very easy to understand, even without any background in Science, and I specially love the example of the kids in the park. 🙂
    If I was going to complain about something, it would be about the way Mr Ponset speaks about “organic electronics” but, again, I won´t be an impartial part.

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