On nanotechnology and biology

The second issue of Nature Nanotechnology is now available on-line (see here for my comments on the first issue). I think this issue is also free to view, but from next month a subscription will be required.

Among the articles is an overview of nanoelectronics, based on a report from a recent conference, and a nice letter from a Belgian group describing the placement and reaction of individual macromolecules at surfaces using an AFM . The regular opinion column this month is contributed by me, and concerns one of my favourite themes: Is it possible to use modern science and engineering techniques to improve on nature, or has evolution already found the best solutions?

2 thoughts on “On nanotechnology and biology”

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    You have a great blog… Lots of great information on nano!!

    I was wondering if you would look over my site dedicated to the science of Nanotechnology? and let me know your thoughts and what I could do better.

  2. Hi Clint,

    Your site look great. However, I don’t see any information on what Nanotechnology Information and Resources is, who you are, etc.
    A page “about us” would be appreciated.

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