On the “Software control of matter” blog

There’s some interesting activity on the blog associated with the EPSRC Ideas Factory “Software control of matter”. In response to my call for contributions, we’ve had detailed and interesting comments from Jim Moore, “Nanoenthusiast”, Robert Freitas, Chris Phoenix and Phillip Huggan. There’s a post from Jack Stilgoe, one of the mentors for the Ideas Factory, explaining what interests him about this experiment. I hope we’ll soon have other posts from other participants and mentors.

Please visit the blog and add your own thoughts – all ideas and contributions are welcome.

1 thought on “On the “Software control of matter” blog”

  1. What are the thoughts on the upcoming information market, the commercialization of the software to control the matter? Ofcoarse this is ahead of time, but being as I feel it’s plausible, and only a matter of time — What are the thoughts on how the information that creates these products will be sold? What of open-source foundations and reverse engineering? What about the security and safety of development of these products? Eventually we will have a position where the materials to create these products will infact cost pennies, especially if you consider recycling or breaking down old products. I think the world will have to prepare for it all soon or later, here’s hoping it won’t come as a surprise.

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