Nano on the Today program

The BBC’s morning radio news show – Today – ran a couple of items about nanotechnology this morning, and I made a brief appearance myself. The occasion was the launch of the nano-task force that I wrote about on Friday. The highlights of the program can be downloaded as an mp3 file.

The coverage was relatively positive in tone, focusing on the potential importance of nanotechnology in areas like sustainable energy, but pointing out the strength of the competition from other countries. But it has to be said that (as Tim Harper notes) it wasn’t hugely clear after the interviews what people thought actually needed to be done. To be honest, this question wasn’t that much clearer at the meeting in the Houses of Parliament itself; the discussion didn’t really find much of a focus.

I was slightly surprised to get a call this evening from the Today program yet again, who were wondering whether to run another item about nanotechnology tomorrow, in connection with the Demos/NEG launch. But it looks like nanotechnology is going to be displaced by coverage of the rain and floods that have afflicted the country today. I’m not surprised; I can’t remember rain so heavy, and it certainly made my journey down to London today very painful, taking me 6 hours for what’s normally a 2 hour train ride.

4 thoughts on “Nano on the Today program”

  1. Dear Richard,

    I am sure that I speak on behalf of all of the readers of Soft Machines, even Philip Moriarty, when I suggest that we should love to know your radio appearances before you actually make them.

    Anyway, I am sure the Today program can find somebody to blame the weather on nanotechnology.

    Best wishes


  2. Richard – I concur with Mark about letting your ‘fans’ know when you are going to appear on the public airwaves. Even here at Camp One we get the Beeb.

    I have no doubt there remains a need for focus among those who would presume to know about such things as nanotechnology with the Government. The learning curve remains quite steep and riddled with Buzz Promotions rather than real information, even blaming it for more than the weather. Even the word processor I use had to be taught the word ‘nanotechnology’ exists.

    I have been asked to give Mark a Mock Thock for slightly slamming Phillip Moriarty, while he may be related to the nemesis of the great Sherlock Holmes, he has a lot of good things to say in his own right. He does need a Blog though, I have willing volunteers to run it if he is interested.

  3. Hi, Martin.

    In Mark’s defence, I did suggest in a previous post that although he and I were “ideologically opposed” I was still happy to collaborate with him if the opportunity arose. His “even Philip Moriarty” qualifier above is, I’m sure, very much tongue-in-cheek!

    As regards running a blog, thanks for the offer but I unfortunately have neither Richard’s impressive time management skills nor his flair for writing. (Although I’ve long thought that “Rants in E-minor” ((c) Bill Hicks) would make an interesting title for a blog…).

    Bye for now,


  4. I am sure the comment was meant with a more than subtle hint of irony, which thankfully is still legal in the Commonwealth.

    As far as the Blog is concerned, the offer remains open,a does to all who read Richard’s dispatches, access to the MATH Not METH Mathematica Grid [960 Processors and growing] which goes online in 60 Days

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