On the radio

The BBC World Service program World Business Review devoted yesterday’s program to nanotechnology, with a half-hour discussion between me, Michio Kaku and Peter Kearns from the OECD. I haven’t managed to bring myself to listen to it yet, and as it’s difficult to get a very accurate impression of a radio program while you are recording it I’ll make no comment about it. You can listen to it through the internet from this link (this will work until next Saturday).

1 thought on “On the radio”

  1. Hi Richard,

    I have been thinking about how Nanotech is reported in Europe, and I have just noticed something truly weird.

    All of the innovative nanotech companies that I have come across are either from Canada, Austrailia, South Africa or USA.

    Why don’t European Nanotech companies register in my imagination?

    I most be doing something wrong!


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