Farewell to Nanobot

Howard Lovy announced last week that he’s drawing a line under his popular and entertaining blog Howard Lovy’s Nanobot. I guess this is the natural consequence of his transition from nanobusiness gamekeeper to poacher, with his new post as Director of Communications at the nanotechnology company Arrowhead Research. I’ve never met Howard in person, though I’ve felt I’ve got to know him through exchanges on our respective blogs and through some email correspondence; I’m delighted that he’s found a niche to use his talents in the nanotechnology sector and I wish him all the best in this new phase of his career.

I’ll miss Nanobot. I certainly didn’t agree with everything Howard said, and I wish he’d got to understand the scientific community better. But it’s been a provocative and interesting read, and its emphasis on the way the idea of nanotechnology is being interpreted in the wider world has been helpful and salutory.