On the road again

I’m sorry that I’ve left my blog unattended for a few days; I went away and forgot that I’d changed the blog’s password, so I couldn’t get to it from my laptop.

I’ve been doing a whistlestop tour of the Celtic capitals – to Dublin for the meeting of the British Association, where I was appearing in a panel discussion about whether we should use nanotechnology for human enhancement. Then to Edinburgh, where the EuroNanoForum was discussing nanotechnology and the health of the European citizen. I gave a talk in the session on converging technologies, recorded an interview for French radio, and went to an interesting session on public engagement, after which I had the pleasure of meeting my fellow nano-blogger, David Berube. Then, over a supper of haggis, neeps and tatties, I was subjected to what I thought was rather an aggressive interrogation from some of my fellow European citizens about the quality of the British contribution to international food culture. I’ll post something more substantive tomorrow.